Potty Training Tools
for leadership-minded parents

Which words come to mind when you're thinking of potty training?

Challenge ? .. "Project" ? .. Inconvenience ? .. Mess ?

Toilet training can be all that, but it can also be a source for pride and joy. The kind we get from: Leading our child through a meaningful phase. Providing support and authority. Inspiring confidence. Watching them grow, and being there as a parent.

being a parent

But as it happens, major phases in life don't always go smoothly. My personal experience included many doubts and bumps: Toilet training my first boy was hard... At times it felt like we were up to our ears in poo.

Yep. We'd done mistakes back then my husband and I, but also had the sense to ask for help. We went and got ourselves some excellent professional support that made a huge difference. It had also, to some extent -- changed the way I viewed myself as a parent.

Strangely enough, the experience with my eldest has left me with a "soft spot" for potty training and I've been doing some research since.

I read articles written by medical professionals and "How To" authors: Most of them refer to the child as the main influencer on the toilet training process, and urge parents to "flow with the child".

I believe that parenting has a lot to do with leadership, and coming from this point of view -- I'm looking for a perspective on the parent's role in potty training.

I think the interesting questions are:

  • How does parenting-model and parenting-actions affect potty training?
  • Are 'Toilet Difficulties' more related to behavioral and educational background? (rather than developmental, physiological, lack-of-readiness etc.)
  • As the parents -- what can we do to manage it better?

And that's what this site is about. It intends to focus on the parenting-side of toilet training.

Finding and maximizing our parental qualities, so that we can not only "survive potty training" rather lead it.

...Ready to lead-the-way?

Let's do it together.

Thanks for visiting, and - Good luck!

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