Potty Training Videos Recommendations

Despite the large number of potty training videos online, I found very few online videos that I could classify as qualitative and helpful.

The ones I did enjoy watching are brought to you here in this page - for your convenience.

[All the potty training videos linked from this page are available on the internet for free.]

Informational Potty Training Videos

This free toilet training video does not give specific instructions, rather presents a more general review of - What is Potty Training, from the perspective of one Doctor presenting a Child-Oriented approach.

It can help you make some sense about the different stages of the process, if you want to explore the more “soft”, easy-going, child-oriented approach to toilet training.

Type of Video: Interview.
Length: 5 minutes.

Tracks: * What is Potty Training * what equipment should I use to potty train * what do I do if my child refuses to potty train * Do I need to teach my son to pee standing up

Click below to watch it now:

VideoJug: What is Potty Training? (Interview with Dr. Scott Cohen)

The following Clip from NBC Morning News (2004) features a short interview with Deborah FioRito (owner of the company completechildinc.com), which gives an enlightening view on Infants potty training and inspires the early beginning approach.

Even if Infants potty training is not relevant for you, I'd still recommend you watched this short interview. I think you’ll found it intelligent and inspiring, regardless of your child’s age.

Type of Video: Interview
Length: 4:29 minutes.

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Watch in YouTube: Toilet Training Begins at Birth on NBC Morning News 2004

And this one here is another free toilet training video, which gives a few insights on parent/daycare relationship in the context of potty training. It also touches the subject of potty training accidents.

I did not find in this Video a solid, structured model for potty training, but I liked its presentment and its "voice”, and the fact that it gives us a glance to the potty training experience of a certain mom & daughter.

Type of Video: Report
Length: 4:54 minutes.

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Watch in YouTube: Potty Training tips & advice, by "A Place of Our Own" Production

Care to have a few laughs about potty training?

This one here is a purely funny yet intelligent, brightening-up-your-day potty training video. Gracefully presented by two dads who clearly have tones of Self-referential humor, and are not afraid to openly discuss (and laugh about) potty training.

There are also a few practical & sincere suggestions in there, if you’re careful enough to filter them out from the funny stuff.

Type of Video: Comedy
Length: 8:03 minutes (worth sticking till the end though.)

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Watch in YouTube: How to Potty Train Your Child - A DadLabs Video

Potty Training Videos Online - for your kid

An Elmo potty training video from the beloved Sesame Street show. It is a pretty cool song & video clip.

Type of Video: Musical Clip
Length: 2:22 minutes

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Watch in YouTube: Elmo's potty training song (Sesame Street Potty Time)

..And here’s another one by Sesame Street – also a very cool one.

Type of Video: Musical Clip
Length: 2:44 minutes

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Watch in YouTube: Sesame Street “You'll use the potty” Song

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