Preparing the Home-Setting
before starting potty training

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a CLEAN toilet training?

I don’t know if that’s possible, but there are a few things we could do to make the house more ready for toilet training.

Toilet training accidents are part of the package. But you want to be focused on parenting, rather than scrubbing sofas and carpets (especially if it means getting upset by that).

    [--- Sidebar --- A moment of truth:

    I’ll admit I’m not very good with mess. If it gets out of control (by my standards), it can sometimes get in the way of my other qualities, and specifically my reactions.

    So for the sake of keeping my reactions in order and “to the point” -- I like getting a few potential hassles out of the way, before starting potty training.

    --- end of Sidebar ---]

Getting the house ready for toilet training:

  • Rolling up carpets: This goes well with summer toilet training, but if you’re worried about seating your child to play on a floor that is too cold, there are solutions for that, like spreading a Straw-Matt over his play-area.
    And, you could cover the matt with a washable blanket in case you think its surface isn't smooth enough.

  • Protecting sofas: You could use a Waterproof Mattress Protector to over the Sofa’s mattress, then pull a sheet over it, making it more decent to sit on.

  • Wood Floors: Usually owners of wood floors have some experience in protecting them, especially if they also raise pets. Contrary to pet-owning, potty training your child is a temporary phase: No need for a fashionable solution.
    A Vinyl matt is an option, if your child is sitting in one place (and yes I do realize the absurdness of this assumption).

    Since it might be tricky to completely-prevent toilet training accidents from happening on your wood floors, the next thing I would do is: Have the relevant cleaning aids (mop, wood floor cleaner -- safe & nontoxic!!) ready & handy, to enable quick damage control.

  • Setting up Toilet / Potty Stands: If the house is more than one floor and you intend to be spending time with your child in more-than-one-floor, you might want to have a Potty Chair or Seat (whichever you will be using) ready in the relevant bathrooms.

    This is more critical during the first few days of potty training, when the child is still learning. Climbing up & down the stairs with a little potty-trainee could be challenging.

  • Clothes for change: Have a decent amount of toddler’s-clothes ready for when you’ll need to change wet/soiled pants and underpants. Toddler’s underpants are especially good to have in piles: there are times when it’s easier to just throw them to the trash, after certain types of toilet training accidents.

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